Saturday, June 16, 2018

Designer Stitch 2nd Birthday Party.

Wow, another year has gone and all DS patterns are on sale for 50% off!!
Come and celebrate, take advantage of this great opportunity, until 6/22/2018.

Here are SOME of my Designer Stitch makes for the last two years. It has been fun, rewarding, and a great learning experience, testing and sewing for Ann Grose of Designer Stitch. Happy 2nd Birthday and thank you Ann Grose for all your exceptional designs.
Click on the pictures for a close look.
Eden, made out of linen fabric.

Eleni dress, made out of rayon challis fabric.

The Synthia blouse, made out of chiffon fabric and it's an honor to have it named after myself.

Frida, Dress and tunic. I had so much fun being creative with the Frida.

The Gypsy dress, made out of rayon challis.

The Ilse vest, another fun design to wear and sew.

 The Kate Vintage Tea dress. I chose to sew two separate pieces, the top is rayon fabric and the skirt is a peach skin fabric.

 The Kristen dress, made from peach skin fabric.

The Ravanna Wrap pants paired with the Ella cami.

The Ella Cami Set paired with a longer version of the Willow kimono.

The Tanner Culottes.

The Indu Wrap jersey pants.

The Maya pants with yoga waistband.

Kiera skirt, paired with the Weedend Kat top.

Willow kimono, such a treat to be creative and coming up with my vision of what I wanted my kimono to be.

The Santi Jean Skirt, with top stitching.

aff link

Thank you Ann Grose, XoXo

Monday, April 16, 2018


I am happy to introduce the Anna shirt by
Wardrobe by Me.

I never thought I would ever sew a button down shirt, but I am so glad I took the opportunity to test the women's and the men's shirts.

The Anna and Jensen shirts are; relaxed fit, a classic button down style, with optional back pleats, short and long sleeves.

I had this beautiful rayon tye dyed fabric for a few years waiting to become, well something. The instructions are very well written, making it rewarding to sew the Anna shirt up. 
Click on the aff. link for more information and pdf copy.

The men's Jensen shirt, shown below, was easier to sew up once I had already sewn the Anna shirt.

For the Jensen shirt I used a cotton type fabric, for the collar I used the stand only version with the back pleat. My friend, Orbey, is a tad bit old school and he indicated, "this shirt makes me feel comfortable and classy, thank you for making it for me". Just to hear him say that, I was happy to sew the Jensen shirt for him too.

Both the Ann and Jensen shirts are on sale now for $10.00 each. If you purchase both the Anna and the Jensen together, use code "jensen and anna" for an additional $4.00 off, until 4/28/2019. Don't be intimidated, if you follow the step by step instruction, it is an easy sew.  Click on the aff. link for your pdf copies.

Anna shirt:

Jensen shirt:

There is also the WBM support group for help.

And, there will be a sew-along to join in on sewing the Anna and or the Jensen shirts. Click on the link to join the sew-along.

Click on the aff. link to purchase the Jensen shirt and for more information.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

The Kate Vintage Tea Dress by Designer Stitch

Kate Vintage Tea Dress

I don't often wear tea length dresses often so I decided to give the Kate dress, by Designer Stitch, a sew. I loved the option of sewing a two piece, the fitted top and the tea length 3/4 circle skirt. I also added pockets and the tie belt, which are options too. The top has an invisible zipper and the easy set in facings is all in one piece, easier to sew.

The trick to getting a nice fitting bodice, is to sew a muslin or toile, which is a must to get the proper fit. the Kate dress has cup sizing too. I made my top out of a rayon type fabric and the for the skirt I used a peach skin woven fabric.

My goal is to sew a Vintage inspired Kate dress in the near future, when I find the right fabric.

For more information on the Kate dress or any other Designer Stitch designs, click on the aff link. Thank  you for reading my Kate dress blog.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Wardrobe Carma Cami and Love yourself panties

Wardrobe by Me
Carma Cami and Love Yourself Underwear
plus a brief tutorial on the Carma cami with self bra.
On sale now
With code Love 20 get 20% off two underwear patterns.
With code Love 30 get 30% off three underwear patterns.
Sale ends 2/16-2018
Panty and Hipster=$ 9.00 Camisole $ 8.00 

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WBM has released Carma Cami and Love yourself undies in 2 variations, the hipster and the undies, with many options. In various sizing, from 0-24. The above picture shows the carma cami and the undies (with no leg bands or elastic). I used cotton lycra and active wear supplex fabric (a lighter weight), and I used both fold over elastic and lingerie elastic for the waist on my different lingerie versions. I used the no leg band or no leg elastic versions. I have found that leg bands and or leg elastic bother me. 

Below is the cami with the undies version.

This picture below shows the cami with the hipster panties.

The hipster version.

The undies version.

The Carma Cami tutorial for the self bra.

I am no expert, but use what works best for me. This tutorial is what I have used to make my self bras for all my carma camis, I  even made a swimsuit top out of the Carma cami.

Shown below, the wrong side of the Carma cami and how the self bra will be when finished.

Under bust elastic, you can use 2" wide or 1" wide, which ever is your preference. Knit elastic is best because it is softer. I used the elastic shown because I feel it gives me better support.

Step 1. Decide how wide you would want the under bust elastic to be. I used a 2" wide elastic because I feel it gives me better support. Measure your under bust elastic minus 1". Overlap the edges to be sewn together using a zig zag stitch, forming a circle and set this aside.

Picture below shows how the elastic has been zig zagged when overlapped.

Step 2. Prepare the Cami as instructed in the pattern, DON'T apply the elastic or foe to the upper edge just yet, as you will finish when you base the self bra to the cami.

Step 3. Cutting another cami for the self bra.
-You'll be measuring yourself for the length you need for the self bra.
- Put the first carma cami you sewed on, then measure from the top of the front Cami to your under bust, then add another 2 1/2" to this measurement (if using 2" elastic) for the overall length. Do the same for the back of the cami, measure from top back to where the under bust measurement for the front was, adding the 2 1/2" to the length. The back measurement won't be the same as the front because the back cami is lower than the front.
-If using a 1" wide elastic, then you would only need to measure
 1 1/2" past your under bust. 
-The extra 1/2" added to the length is for 1/4" seam and turning.
- Once you have the front and back measurements, cut another cami out using these measurements for the self bra. You may need to cut your pattern or print another pattern to cut for the self bra.
-Sew together the front and back pieces of the self bra.

Step 3. Sewing the elastic to the self bra. 
-quarter the elastic that was sewn in the 1st step, and quarter the self bra with pins or marker, to ready for sewing together.
-Once Quartered, begin to sew the elastic to the FRONT side of the self bra, gently stretching (where needed) the elastic to meet up with the self bra fabric from pin to pin, where quartered. You'll be sewing the lower edge of the elastic to the lower edge of the self bra using a zig zag stitch. Once your elastic has been sewn, fold it over to the WRONG side, then sew the other edge of the elastic to the self bra fabric with a zig zag stitch.

Step 4. With WRONG sides together, place the wrong side of the self bra to the wrong side of the cami, matching the edges. 
-Base the top edges of both the cami and self bra, they should line up together all around. You can then proceed with the cami instructions to finish off the top edge with foe or elastic.

Shown below, the right side of the self bra will be against your skin, and the wrong side of the self bra is against the wrong side of the cami. I hope this short tutorial was helpful.

My favorite set, the Carma cami and the undies version.

You can find the Carma Cami and the Love Yourself Undies by clicking on the aff link, thank you.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Road test for the Synthia Top

Synthia top 

Another fun and romantic design by Designer Stitch. I was happy to test a pattern named after me, I felt honored.

I wanted to sew this beautiful top with ruffles, by using something that would flow, so chiffon fabric was my choice. I knew I had to made a muslin/toile first, to get the proper fit.
I wanted to dress it up with a black skirt, heels, and a clutch for a going out outfit.

I also wanted to sew up a pair of Alyse tapered pants, also from Designer Stitch, to wear as a casual/evening out. I feel I accomplished both outfits to wear either casual or evening.