Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Vintage Made, the Rockabilly Dress by Designer Stitch.

Rockabilly  Dress 
by Designer Stitch
and Published by Vintage Made Magazine

Last year I had the pleasure of testing and sewing the Rockabilly dress, a Designer Stitch design. It was such a fun moment to sew, dress up, and have a photo shoot at a winery with a vintage car. The vintage car was owned by my good friend, Noe Diochea, and I thank him so much for the opportunity to use his car. You can find the Rockabilly dress pattern for free if you purchase Vintage Made Magazine #10, which was released December 2017.

I also was given the opportunity by Vintage Made Magazine to write an article on how to make the Rockabilly Rosette, the same flower I wore with my Rockabilly dress.

Thank you Lynda Worthington for this opportunity. You can find the article on how to make the Rockabilly rosette in the Vintage Made Magazine issue #10, which was released last December 2017. You will also be able to see other testers version of their Rockabilly in the magazine, they all did a great job.

Thank you, Ann Grose, from Designer Stitch Designs, for another fantastic design, xoxo.