Wednesday, July 26, 2017

My Test version of the "No Show Thong", so worth it with today styles. On sale until 7/28, midnight central time.

With today's outer garments being that of active wear, such as; leggings, tight
shorts, skin tight skirts, etc., what under garments are best to wear that won't show through or feel uncomfortable?

I had the pleasure of testing the "No Show Thong" by Greenstyle Designs. I have never worn a thong in my life. Never wore a thong because I felt they would be very uncomfortable, possibly crawling where they shouldn't be. I applied to test the No Show Thong because I was curious on how the fit would feel, and if they were comfortable.

After finding the right fit, V2, I am completely sold! I now own several pairs of undies I can wear with my tight fitting, active wear garments, with no show lines. Instructions are very very simple, beginner friendly. A couple of pattern pieces, and a quick (approx) 10 min cut and sew.

The trick is the fabric, very important to use 4 way stretch fabric that won't curl. Do the test, stretch the fabric and if it curls it's not the right fabric. No binding needed, just the no curl fabric, a light weight nylon/spandex or light weight supplex.

For the nude colored Thong I used a supplex fabric. for the white Thong, I used an active wear spandex, and the coral color with no lace is also a supplex fabric. it seams that some of the active wear won't curl. Stretch lace was used as well for the nude and white undies. If not using a rotary cutter (which I didn't), when cutting with the scissors, make sure you stay in the same cut line and avoid going outside of the same cut line or you will get the zig zag look. Should have a smooth cut line. I used a small zig zag stitch to sew these up, which allowed me to get close to the seam edge.

Note the no show undies with my tight fitting pants. I can honestly say, my undies stayed put, they did not go where they shouldn't, a huge plus for me.

Pictures below, notice how there are no seams around the legs, this is the no show effect you get by not using seams or bindings, only using a non curl fabric. I used a wider elastic because I wanted a higher rise, you can use a narrow one or none at all. See how my edges do not roll.

I can honestly say, after wearing these with several tight fitting garments, I am sold! Thank you for reading my blog, hope it was helpful. To purchase your Pdf copy, click on the link below. On sale now for $6.50.

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