Sunday, May 21, 2017

I am Synthia lee Gerritson
Live in Los Banos, Calfornia U.S.A.
Been single for the last 17 years and I am obsessed with sewing.

I was very young, 9 years old when I developed the desire to sew and be creative. I would sit in front of my grandmother, mesmerized by how she would tear up old cloths to create beautiful quilts. Being poor, I wanted to sew my cloths. I would ask my grandmother for her old dresses, cut them up, and create my own dresses, to look just like the style of that time. I had no patterns or sewing machines, I sewed by hand.

I continued to sew for my children and others' as an adult. I would sew bridesmaid dresses, prom dresses, wedding dresses, sweet 15 dresses, drapes, quilts, whatever was asked, I would sew. As an adult, I did not sew for myself until 4 years ago.

Four years ago I began testing Pdf patterns for various designers. I then discovered how much I did love sewing for myself and my family. I no longer sew for anyone outside the immediate family, because I want to sew for fun, to be creative, just sew my visions. I also found the love of sewing bags, wallets, and enjoy giving or donating my bags.

I have discovered the importance of having a nice digital camera to take pictures of the garments and items I create, memories mean everything to me. My very best friend, Orbey, has been one of my biggest supporters and camera man for the last 4 years of me testing pdf patterns, Thank You Orbey.

One of my biggest accomplishment and one I am most proud of is this beautiful dress I made a few years back. I am most proud because I sewed/created this dress just before my hand operation. I have bilateral carpal tunnel in both hands. Underwent a carpal tunnel operation in my right hand, it went bad. I no longer have complete use of my right hand, it is closed. I manage to sew with my left hand and the use of my right index finger. I have my day to day struggles, but, nothing, nothing will stop me from sewing and being creative. Sewing is my therapy to staying sane, lol.

I will post more pictures of items made in the past at a later time.

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