Wednesday, June 28, 2017

New Pattern Release: Ella Cami Set. The good thing is, it's free with group code. And, the rest of shop is 30% off until July 4th!

Continuation of Designer Stitch Birthday

Yes Free Cami Combo set with group code found in pinned post here,

The Ella Cami Combo includes; the Cami, relaxed shorts, and long pjs, both with elastic waist.
I made two sets of the Ella pjs and paired with the Willow Kimono. The kimono is 30% off until July 4th, and you can get it here,

Shown below is the Cami combo, shorts, cami, and paired with the separate Willow Kimono (not included in the set). The first set I made using medium weight rayon.

Enjoying a cup of coffee on the patio sporting my new Cami Combo Set.

The Willow Kimono.

Second set shown below, I used a silky fabric for the shorts and long pjs, and for the cami I used a woven lace overlay lined with an organic cotton. Since I have made my two set, I have not stopped wearing them to bed every night, just too comfortable.

In sizes from US 2-22,  AU/UK 6-26, EU 34-54



  1. How beautiful you look Synthia - you are such an elegant woman. I love your Ella set...the Cami and shorties in your fabric choice are outstanding. And you look so comfortable in your Cami with long pants. What a wonderful sleep set. xx

  2. Thank you so much, your positive comments give me much encouragement to continue testing and sewing garments. I love my new Cami Combo sets, I absolutely wear them every night to bed, very comfortable.

  3. this is so great, the cami set is ready to print here and when is see your kimono i think i am going to by that pattern as well.

  4. Great, glad you took advantage of the cami set. The Willow Kimono is an addition to any garment you want to pair it with. Looking forward to seeing your cami set.