Friday, June 30, 2017

Wardrobe by Me Hera Top Hack into a maxi dress.

Wardrobe by Me Hera Top Hack.
You can pick up your free copy for the original Hera Top by subscribing to the mailing list here.

We were given the opportunity to be creative and come up with how would I "hack", or come up with a different design using the Hera top, which is a free pattern if you sign up for the Wardrobe by Me mailing list here, 

I have been eyeing a woven cross over bodice dress in maxi length and finally had the opportunity to sew one up. But, I wanted the tie belt to be in the center and not to the side as a normal wrap dress would tie. While it is a wrap dress hack, it ties in the center.

Here is a brief overview:  I used a medium weight woven rayon fabric. I did not want my maxi dress to be overly full, I wanted a bit more fitted look. I used the bodice top front and back, not the peplum, measured approximately 18" wide towards the bottom length and measured down to how long I wanted my maxi. I cut from the waist of bodice down and tapered out to the 18" wide measurement toward end of hem. I repeated the same step for the back bodice. I sewed the ties to the side seams according to where I wanted my ties to be, and then sewed snaps to close the sides of the dress. for the sleeves I extended them to approximately 5" and gathered. It's best to use the add on sleeve for this process if you wanted a longer sleeve than the pattern provides. You can pick up the add on sleeve here in the support group.

This is not a tutorial, but a brief overview of what I did.


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  1. Your Hera hack is beautiful! Smart idea to put your waist tie in the center. Love it!