Friday, October 6, 2017

Frida, New pattern release and sale.until 10/11.

New dress release by
Designer Stitch

I have been admiring everyone's Frida all week long. An opportunity to be creative, that's all I can say about the Frida.

Recently I had the privilege of testing the "Frida" dress/tunic/top, for Designer Stitch. We were given us the opportunity to be creative with the Frida and use the original artist Frida Kahlo, as an inspiration. I saw the movie, Frida, to get inspiration and to understand the artist better. I wanted my Frida to be Mexican inspired to were to Latin events.

My Fabrics.

I found the white embroidered fabric at Hobby Lobby, it was ripped in several places. I was able to get the manager to sell me the beautiful embroidered fabric at a great discounted price, this became my base for the Frida dress, I was able to sew all torn areas, then I looked for my trims. D.S. gave us many resources to look at and to come up with our own ideas. There was a lot of color, embroidered fabrics, lace fabrics, etc. I chose to use the white cotton, embroidered fabric, for the dress. I then found a colorful flowered embroidered applique that I sewed on. I was so inspired by Frida and wanted a Mexican, Bohemian, vintage look for my dress. 

Frida comes in various lengths to choose from and sleeves as well. 
Be inspired and create your own Frida, click on the link for more information and to see all the tester's Frida, and your pdf copy.

Thank you Ann Grose for all your designs and inspirations.

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