Sunday, October 1, 2017

Frida Road Trip

"Frida Road Trip"

Some about me. I am Synthia Lee Gerritson, from 
California, U.S.A.
I have spent the last 4 or so years testing patterns for various designers, I love it. I have been sewing for decades, but since testing for designers, I have learned so much from all.

Recently I had the privilege of testing the "Frida" dress/tunic/top, for Designer Stitch. DS has given us the opportunity to be creative with the Frida and use the original artist Frida, as an inspiration. I was very nervous about sewing the Frida. Nervous I wouldn't find the right fabrics etc. I saw the movie, Frida,to get more inspiration from and to understand the artist better. 

My Fabrics.
I found the white embroidered fabric at Hobby Lobby, it was ripped in several places. I was able to get the manager to sell me the beautiful embroidered fabric at a great discounted price, this became my base for the Frida dress, I was able to sew all torn areas, then I looked for my trims. D.S. gave us many resources to look at and to come up with our own ideas. There was a lot of color, embroidered fabrics, lace fabrics, etc. I chose to use the white cotton, embroidered fabric, for the dress. I then found a colorful flowered embroidered applique that I sewed on. I was so inspired by Frida and wanted a Mexican, Bohemian, vintage look for my dress. I was uncertain about the length. The first try out was too short, I then decided to add a lower ruffle and was very satisfied with the look. All along receiving much needed feedback from the designer, Ann Grose, xoxo.

I am very pleased with the results, hope you will like it too. I will write a full blog regarding the Frida dress upon it's release.
Syntia Lee Gerritson

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