Tuesday, January 29, 2019

The new Studio to Street top

The Studio to Street top
a GreenStyle Design

I really enjoyed testing and sewing up 3 of the Studio to Street tops. In this blog I will write about what fabrics I used for each of the 3 versions I made. If my hair looks weird to you, I am transitioning to grey hair, lol.

For the black and white stripe top, I made the long sleeve version with the lower band, deep v back, and crew front neckline. For the main body I used a cotton jersey fabric, and for the contrast, I used cotton lycra. I am very happy with the results of this top.

For the flowered top shown below, I used the short sleeve version with bands and the lower hem with a band as well. I did a double V, with a V neckline in front, and a deep V for the back. I used a cotton jersey for the main and a cotton lycra for the contrast. 

My favorite one is the grey with black neck bands, shown below. I made this one out of french terry fabric, and I used cotton lycra for the neck bands. I made the longer version with long sleeves. With the cold weather where I live, this top has already been worn often. I also paired the grey and the flowered tops with the GS Power Sports Bra. I wrote a blog about my sewing the Sport Bra in another post.

There are many versions to choose from for the Studio to Street top.

The Studio to Street Top has just many options to give you a variety or looks. Five neckline options, three sleeve options, and four hemline options

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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

The many versions of the JoJo.

The JoJo 
designed by Designer Stitch

Talk about the many different versions to the JoJo, oh my, and on sale for a limited time.

I've had the pleasure of testing the JoJo top and dress for Designer Stitch designs. I made two versions so far.

I am always on the hunt for patterns that include a turtle neck. I recently came back from a 10 day trip to Arizona. It was very cold and it snowed in Arizona, specifically in Seligman (route 66) . I came home still cold and looking for turtleneck garments, I had very few. When the JoJo test came up, I only saw the turtle neck version, lol. The JoJo comes in many different versions.

Shown above is the turtleneck and tunic length version, with long sleeves and cuffs. I made this version from a medium weight sweater knit fabric. Oh, and I do love stripes. I also chose to belt my JoJo. I paired my JoJo with the Alyse taper leg pant, also from Designer Stitch. http://designerstitch.com/?affiliates=12.

I like to accessorize when possible.

Shown in the pic below is another version of the JoJo, it's the dress, with a skirt sewn onto the top. This is made with a cotton lycra for the top portion and the lower portion of the JoJo is a metallic type stretch fabric. I did line the metallic fabric because it was a little thinner than I like. The JoJo is a simple sew and the instructions are beginner friendly. I plan on sewing many more in the near future.

For the dress version of the JoJo I wanted to sew the sleeves to look like an inspiration photo I saw of the sleeves, (love these sleeves), and with a turtleneck option. I cut the sleeve at the 3/4 length cut line and made a longer cuff to add to the sleeve, see pic below.

Different versions of the JoJo, shown below.

Thank you Ann Grose for another fun and on trend design.
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Monday, January 21, 2019

GreenstyleCreations Power Sports Bra

The Greenstyle Power Sports Bra
My Sew-Along-Version

I signed up to follow along with the Greenstyle Power Sports Bra, which was a 4 day SAL. This was the first time sewing the Power Sports Bra. This blog is about some of the changes I made to have a comfortable fit for me. For more information on the pattern, click on the aff link.

Day 1, fabrics used: for the bra I used active wear fabric with good stretch and recovery, the lining I used the same fabric (with power mesh in between), and for the band I used a cotton lycra. For the straps I used swimsuit lining. I needed to use cotton lycra for the bra band as I am prone to itchiness, lol.

Day 2: Begin sewing the bra. I followed along with the pattern in sizing on under bust band and full bust cup, for what the pattern called for. Once my fabric was cut (exterior and lining), I felt the side was going to be smaller than I like. I like a little more side coverage so I re-cut the side front pattern piece, 5 sizes wider than my size.  I needed the side to be wider for my liking from my under bust to under my arm pit, It probably sounds like a lot, but it fit perfect.

Bra cups: I also added sew in bra cups because I want to use the bra as an everyday undergarment. I pinned bra cups to the inner lining and once I was satisfied with placement, I zig zaged in place and continued with pattern directions to finish. I will probably use different bra cups for my next Power Sports Bra, these I had on hand at the time.

Day 3, bra straps: I like my straps to be wider than normal. I cut my strap fabric 2" wide and the length according to the pattern pieces for the straps on the strappy back. I folded the longest side in half and sewed 3/8" seam and turned right side out once sewn. Because I did not have clear elastic (follow the pattern instructions), I used lingerie elastic that was 3/4" wide and threaded it through the sewn strap. Once my straps were finished, I followed the pattern instructions to add the straps to my bra. I used swimsuit lining for my strap fabric.

Day 4, bra band: Because I have issues with the bra band sitting at my rib cage, I had to widen the band by 5" more. I then continued to follow the pattern instructions, I also added a 4" wide elastic into my bra band.

Overall, with these changes made for my liking, I love my Power Sports Bra. I feel the cups gave me added lift, the straps gave me added support, and the band feels great, and comfortable too. The easiest way for me to put my Power Sports Bra on, is from the feet on up, best way for me.

Thank you so much Sarah Connell, for doing this sew along and the videos were so helpful. I was hesitant in buying the pattern, glad I did. Your videos for the SAL were very clear and easy to follow, any beginner-advanced or anyone who sews, can make the Power Sports Bra. 

Thank you Greenstyle Designs for another great bra. The Endurance bra is just as great too with the front zipper closure

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Friday, January 18, 2019

The Sedona, shirt/dress.

The Sedona shirt and or dress
a pdf by Designer Stitch.

Before I begin, this picture was taken last year and today I have grey hair. Just so that you the reader won't be surprised when my next blog contains pictures of me transitioning to grey hair.

I had the privilege of testing the Sedona shirt/dress for Designer Stitch Designs. I chose to make the tunic length. I used rayon fabric, the contrast fabric is also rayon but from an old dress I tore up. I felt the contrast fabric went well with the main color. 

I found the pattern easy to follow along. I did need to alter the pattern by shortening the length. Being 5'3" tall, I find I need to shorten for most pdf patterns. The hardest part for me was finding a good placement for the front pockets, after a few tries, it worked out. 

Took a trip to San Jose's Kelly park for these pictures. Kelly park has great scenery at the Japanese Garden, a separate section of the park.

I styled my Sedona with a matching sash and also tried it with a black belt and jeans. I would normally wear this top with leggings as I am a leggings fan. But, I dropped/lost my leggings along the way to getting dressed, lol.

I also used the contrast fabric for the back yolk and inverted my back pleat, I like using inverted back pleats. 

Overall I am very pleased with the Sedona, the design is so in trend right now. The instructions are very well written and Ann also provides many tutorials for added help. The Sedona comes in different lengths, variations, and is intended for woven fabrics. For more information, click on the aff link.

Some details.


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