Friday, May 29, 2020

Greenstyle Creations, My Makes

  May sewn garments
Whistler Jacket, Warrior pants, Elevate crop top, and Power bra.

For the month of May, I decided to create a mini capsule. In my capsule, I have used the Whistler Jacket, Warrior pants, Elevate crop top, the Power bra, and I used Greenstyle fabrics. Years back I first tested the Warrior pants and made them in the carpi length and ever since, I always wanted a black pair.
Shown below my first pair.

Below are my current black Warrior pants, love them in black. These pants are made out of jersey fabric and paired with the Elevate crop top. Love this outfit, I hope to use when I get a chance to go out salsa dancing, I may tie the sides together at the lower hem.

I also made the Whistler jacket to match my outfit. For the print, I used Greenstyle fabrics, the black contrast is a Ponte fabric.

To top my outfit off, I also made the Elevate crop top, I love this top. 
Lately, I have been having problems with my shoulders where bra straps usually go. So I decided not to use any bindings or fold over elastic to see how comfortable it was on my shoulders. It was so comfortable and does not hurt my shoulders. My power bra is lined with the same fabric and topstitched. My power bra is elastic-free, with no elastic in the band either, complete comfort.

 For more information on Greensyles Creations and fabric, click on the aff link, thank you.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

DS Paige woven skirt

Road Test 
Paige woven skirt
a Designer Stitch Design

I participated in the Road Test for the Paige skirt. Paige skirt is designed for woven fabrics. For the grey skirt, I used a lightweight denim fabric for my muslin. After 3 tries at adjusting my muslin, I am very happy with the end fit. I will be using a grey skirt as an everyday skirt. I paired my skirt with the Weekday Kat top (also from DS) but in a knit version, which I sized down for.

I then used a flocked type of denim fabric for my final. I made this one 2" shorter, which I will use as a skirt for an evening out. I like the overall shorter skirt. I also paired the blue skirt with the Weekend Kat top (also from DS), this top is in rayon fabric.

Overall, I love this skirt, with the zip back, tie belt, belt loops, beautiful set in front pockets, and the topstitching. I knew I needed to take my time with getting a great fit and the topstitching, well worth the effort.

For more information and other views of the Paige skirt, click on the aff link, thank you.

Friday, December 13, 2019


Madison Color-Blocked Dress
a Designer Stitch Design
sewn by me.

I was hesitant to sewing a color-blocked dress. But, when Madison came out for testing, I knew I had to challenge myself and I am so happy with the results.

I sewed up my Madison version with the straight skirt option, 3/4 sleeves, and with the back exposed zipper. First time with color-blocking a dress and sewing with an exposed zipper. I used Ponte De Roma fabric. I found that a stable knit fabric works best with the color-blocking with the Madison.

Exposed Zipper

A few tips I found very helpful for me in the fitting, is to sew a muslin first. I needed to sew my dress at least a few times before I was satisfied with the overall fit. So there was a lot of un-picking, especially once the exposed zipper was set in. While I love the exposed zipper, for my next Madison I will make one without the zipper option using the circle skirt option.

Color-Blocked the sleeves

I love the Madison and the color-blocked options. 

The Madison comes with several sleeves options and two skirt options as well.

If you look at Pinterest you will see many options for color-blocked garments.

Looking forward to seeing your color-blocked Madison in the Designer Stitch Support Group.

Thank you, Ann Grose, once again for another Great/Modern design.
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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Designer Stitch Camilia Road Test.

Camilia Dress
a Designer Stitch design
sewn by Synthia

I am loving the Camilia dress. I enjoyed sewing this dress so I made 3 because I know they will be used often. While the design is the same, each of my 3 dresses are intended for a different purpose and made from 3 different fabric types. I love the way the Camilia hugs your body, giving any body type a figure flattering look. Comes in two dress lengths and 3 sleeves lengths.

My favorite Camilia dress is the first one I made in Red. I chose red because I had Holidays in mind for this upcoming season. The fabric I chose was in my fabric stash. It is a medium weight stretch fabric, it shines, and shows the front pleats very well. I made the 3/4" sleeve length and just past the knee.

Camilia dress #2

For the Camilia dress above, in pink/wine/black/white colors, I chose to use a medium weight Liverpool fabric. I love this fabric, very easy to sew and holds the pleats very well, comfortable to wear. I made this dress sleeveless and plan on using it while there are still a few summer weeks. This was my friend's favorite.

Dress #3

Dress #3 is more of a casual wear dress. I made dress #3 out of a medium weight jersey type fabric with great stretch and recovery. The key to having the pleats not droop, great recovery from whatever type of stretch fabric is used. I love how this dress feels on, very comfortable and figure flattering. I made the long sleeve version and comes just below the knee. This dress can be casual or dressy.

Thank you Ann Grose from Designer Stitch Designs, for another great design.

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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Allie Skirt Road Test

Allie skirt
by Synthia Lee Gerritson
a Designer Stitch design

I love to wear skirts but don't wear them often. I really enjoyed sewing up the Allie skirt with its many options. Shown above Is the grommet and leather tie-wrap version. I made this one out of lightweight denim and I paired it with the Eleni top with flared sleeves, also from Designer Stitch.

As with any other Designer Stitch design, sewing up a muslin for a proper fit is highly recommended, which I need to do myself. A tip for adding the grommets, strips of iron-on interfacing where the grommets will be placed is also a must to help stabilize the grommets and prevent the fabric from weakening.

I styled my Allie skirt both tucked in and tucked out for a more casual/Bohemian look. The Allie skirt can be dressed up or down.
For more information, click on the aff link.

I enjoyed testing and sewing garments for Designer Stitch because of the attention to detail, well-written patterns, and there is, for the most part, only 1 version to test. Well done Ann Grose.

The other versions and sizes to the woven Allie skirt are shown below.
Wrap front gathered with ties, D-rings with ties, Grommet with ties, and a button wrap front. 

I enjoyed testing and sewing garments for Designer Stitch because of the attention to detail, well-written instructions, and for the most part, there is only 1 version to test. Well done Ann Grose.

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Friday, August 30, 2019

Greenstyle Creations Scarlet hack

Scarlet Slouchy Sweater 
A Hack by
Synthia Lee Gerritson

I love Fall and Winter clothing, maybe because I am always cold, lol.

For the Slouchy Sweater hack shown above, I used the Greenstyle Creation's Scarlet Swing dress. Anything with the cold shoulder styling is one of my favorites.

This is a brief tutorial on how I created the Slouchy Sweater hack from the Scarlet Swing dress.

#1 if you don't own the Scarlet Swing dress, you can purchase here,

#2 For fabric I used a lightweight sweater knit fabric, lightweight gave it more of a slouchy look. I used a fabric with a small fringe on the selvages. The fabric was purchased at Walmart last year. You don't need your sweater knit with fringe.

#3 Once you have printed your pattern, choose the length you want your sweater to be. Cut the back to your desired length, but for the front pattern piece, you'll cut it approx 8.5" longer than the back. I like my sweater to be just passed my bum, especially when wearing leggings.

#4 Once you have cut your back pattern the length you desire, set it aside as nothing further will be done for the hack. Take your front piece, which will be approx 8.5" longer than the back, place the front and back pattern pieces with the underarm seams together, mark the front even with the back, set aside the back piece. 

#5 For the front hack, where you placed your mark at the side seam, place another mark approx 7" across the front piece, and draw a straight line. Begin to cut the front pattern, cut straight across from side seam to the 7" mark, then begin to cut at a semi-circle, continue to cut towards the end length, leaving 1/2" wide which is for the 1/4" front seam on either side for ties. Now measure 12" from the front centerfold and make a notch, this is where you will cut on the fold. Cut the centerfold up to the 12" mark, you have now created your front ties.

#6 Follow the pattern instructions to complete your Scarlet. For the center cut, you made previously, you can fold and hem as well as your lower hem. You are finished with your tie front hack.

Accent hemming.
Because my sweater knit fabric had a fringe, I used this in place of my neck binding, I used it for the center cut, sleeves, and I used it for my hemming as well. I did a reverse binding so the fringe can show at the neck and center cut. To obtain the fringe, I cut 1 1/2" off the selvages of my fabric.

Thank you for reading this brief tutorial which contains aff links to help with buying fabric.

Friday, August 16, 2019

Remi Roadtest

Remi Dress/Top
sewn by Synthia L Gerritson
a Designer Stitch Design
a brief blog.

I was very happy to be a part of the Remi Roadtest. Here where I live, it has been very hot.  So, the Remi design came at a great time for summer wear. I was happy to sew up the Remi in the midi length version in rayon fabric.  I also made extra straps and crisscrossed them. Because the Remi is with thin straps, you'd probably want to wear a strapless bra. Or you can customize your Remi for wider straps to cover the bra straps.

During the testing phase of the Remi, I sewed the tunic version and experimented by hacking the original Remi and making a v-neck. I made the black v-neck Remi out of a peach skin fabric, feels very soft.

I also used double straps for the black Remi, I really like the look with double straps.

 I could explain briefly how I hacked for the v-neck. For my v-neck Remi, from the front bodice pattern, top edge, I measured from the centerfold, approximately 5" down and marked. I then began to cut the pattern at an angle starting at the mark I placed, slightly curving so that it's not a complete straight angle, cutting until I reached the top edge by the shoulder/neck edge, making sure to leave a 5/8" seam allowance at the top neck edge. I also adjusted the pattern front-facing, I adjusted to match the v-neck front. I then followed the pattern instructions to complete my Remi. The pic below shows a closer look at the v-neck.

Thank you, DS for another great design.
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