Sunday, September 24, 2023

Tali top, a Designer Stitch design

 Tali Blouse

          a Designer Stitch design

Tali is a unique design with a front twist, I love it.

I sewed up my Tali top, shown above, in a satin fabric, and the color chosen, I love. I also paired the Tali top with a Saki skirt (not in production). I feel the outfit can be used for either going out or casual. The fabrics used can be from a wide variety of light to medium weight woven fabric. I love the front twist design, it is unique. There are no buttons to sew, and you still have a front opening at the lower blouse. I also made the elbow sleeve version.

I first started with a size 6d graded down to 5 at the hips. The size I chose to use was a tad bit big so I went down to 5c and graded down to 4 at hips, a much better fit. Sewing a muslin first, makes such a big difference on how your fit will turn out, with and if adjustments are needed. I am looking forward to sewing up a boho style Tali with a looser and longer fit, using more of a rayon challis fabric.

Satin fabric is a bit difficult to sew with, especially because it does fray a bit. I usually use a cigarette lighter to burn the seam edges as I sew along, (my serger is on strike right now, lol) 

If you do give Tali a try, it's wells worth it, take your time, sew up a muslin first, and make adjustments as needed.

For more information on the Tali top, click on the aff link, (which helps with fabric) come see all the testers versions, they all look great.

Monday, April 10, 2023

New Release: The Beth dress by DS.

 Beth Dress

a pdf design by Designer Stitch

When I saw the Beth dress was up for testing, I knew I had to test and what print I would sew this dress in. I was going for a country style with the prints I picked.

The Beth dress comes in different versions and lengths for the sleeves and the hem length. Shown here is the elbow sleeve length, with the midi length. I love the shirring on the sleeves, and the side skirt split. 

Both my dresses are made from cotton fabric. Because I have a bad right hand, I did use a right side zipper instalment, making it easier for me to zip the dress up and down.

Tip: do take current measurements and follow the instructions on your correct size, you might need to grade down or up on the pattern. Sew up a muslin first using the same type of fabric listed in instructions. By making a muslin, you are able to adjust for correct fit. It took me a couple of tries ripping out my muslin before I was happy with the fit.

Click on the DS link for the pattern and to see other testers makes. Thank you Ann for another great design.

Monday, May 23, 2022


Peta Dress and Top

PDF by Designer Stitch Designs 

I have enjoyed sewing all three of my Peta garments. The 1st top with flowers was made from a rayon fabric and short ruffled sleeve, shown above. This style is easy to sew and wear. The neck band is folded over and hand stitched, but I did a stitch in the ditch because of my bad hand. Hand work does not come easy for me.

The second Peta top was a bit trickier. I wanted to use a lace type fabric for the sleeves but my main fabric which is a soft linen, and the sleeves is a cotton lace type fabric, neither fabric matched. So, I took to tea dying until both sleeves and bodice matched, shown below. I like the top length on me so that I can wear with a thin belt. 

How did I tea dye: I started with 2 black tea bags in a 1/4 cup of hot water to dye the main body fabric, which was more of a white in color. I put the hot cup of tea bags into a 1/4 filled sink of cold water, dipped the main fabric, I repeated the process, but added 4 tea bags instead, until I felt the fabric was close in color to the lace. I then repeated the process dipping both the lace and main fabric until I felt I had a close match, then rinsed in cold water and air dried. Tea dying is more of a slow process until your happy with the results. Tip: dip a corner of your main fabric to tea dye to see if it's the color you are looking for. 

My last Peta garment is a dress. I love this dress, I made it for an evening out. I had this chiffon fabric with specks of silver foil all around, for the longest time, The Peta was the perfect use for this fabric. As with chiffon fabric, French seaming is a must, which takes a bit of time and patience. I kept my Peta dress below the knee length so that when I wear it with a thin belt, it will hit at knee level. Now to wait for an evening out.

Overall, I am very pleased with the Peta design, very easy to sew, easy to wear, no fussing when wearing, and can be made for any occasion. As with any garment sewing, sewing a muslin first to obtain proper fit is a must, as well as following step by step instructions, Happy Sewing.

Thank you for viewing my blog. For more tester pics and information, click on the aff link.

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Thursday, October 14, 2021

Road test for the Kat top.

 Designer Stitch Kat top

and the many ways to style the Kat top.

When I first began road testing for DS, the Kat top became one of my favorite designs to add to my wardrobe. The Kat top has two versions to choose from, the Weekend top and the Weekday top.

The Weekday Kat top has set-in sleeves and the Weekend Kat top has more of a casual look with extended shoulders, without sleeves. 

I also hacked the Weekday Kat top into a shift dress (shown below) by adding length, still keeping the shape of the hem.

What I loved about the Kat top, it's an easy sew, you can be creative and use it as your shell to decorate, it's versatile, and you can style it in many different ways, see pic below. The picture below was my very first Kat top and I embellished it with lace. Here I paired my weekend Kat top with the Kiera skirt.

Paired here with the Santi skirt. You can see the lace detail a little better in this pic.

Paired with the Dylan pants.

Weekday and Weekend Kat top shown below, Paired with the Page skirt. The blue top is in a woven challis Weekend top, the White striped is the Weekday Kat in a knit fabric.

What I love about the Kat top, it can be used in different fabric mediums. Shown below is the Weekday Kat in a black lace, for  salsa dancing, paired with the Carmen skirt.

Another Weekday Kat top in knit fabric and hacked with elbow sleeves. Paired here with the Indu design.

I have also paired my kat top with the new Dickie underneath, and paired with the Harper pants.

Over the years I have so appreciated the many Designer Stitch designs to be added into my wardrobe. I grew up sewing with woven fabrics, and DS has many designs for woven fabrics, knit too.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

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Saturday, September 4, 2021

Monique Road Test

The Monique Jumpsuit/Dress 

a Designer Stitch Design

I have sewn many knit jumpsuits, but this is my first woven jumpsuit. When I went to look for fabric, I wanted a fabric that would be flowy. I found this beautiful tencel fabric. I never worked with tencel before. Working with tencel wasn't easy, but with a little patience it turned out great for me. 

The Monique comes with many versions, jumpsuit, shorts, dress, different lengths, and two types of sleeves, and a belt option. For my Monique, I choose the long pant jumpsuit with the bishop sleeves. I also used half round ivory buttons. Because I am 5' 3 1/2" tall, I did shortened the length just over 5". I like the option of using cups sizing, makes it so much easier in grading for proper fit.

Tips: When using tencel fabric, iron fabric before cutting it out, use interfacing on the edge where the invisible zipper will be sewn, adjust and grade until you are satisfied with the fit.

The many versions to the Monique shown below. Take a look in the DS shop to see the many awesome versions, of the Roadie Testers.

Overall, I am very happy with the Monique jumpsuit and do plan on making a long dress version. Thank you Ann for another fun design, very elegant too, well I fell very elegant with my version.

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Sunday, August 15, 2021

The Jose Cami top, slip dress, and bodysuit.

 Jose pdf set

a Designer Stitch design

The newly released Jose Cami set, in woven and knit fabrics. The Jose comes in several versions and has a front drape; the slip dress, the cami top, the body suit, and the briefs. Many options in one pdf. The briefs are in knit fabric, the cami and slip dress are in woven cut on the bias. 

Shown above is the slip dress with a slight drape, in woven fabric, cut on the bias.

Shown here, the slip dress with the knit briefs.

The bodysuit is one of my favorites. I have the freedom of not worrying about my blouse coming out of my jeans or skirts, and if worn with tight pants, no undie leg seams are shown.

Shown below is the bodysuit with the attached briefs, the briefs shown are in the boy cut version, love love.

Lastly, is the Cami set shown below.

For this set I used a lace trim. and matched the briefs with the cami top. The briefs are also cut on the bias.

As with most patterns, sewing a muslin/toile is a must to obtain your fit. I find sewing a muslin very helpful for me as most patterns are drafted for 5'8" height, I am 5' 3 1/2" tall. 

Take advantage of this awesome package with so many options and versions. Can be intimate, for an evening out, or for a Summer outing.

The options shown above.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Saturday, July 3, 2021

 Designer Stitch Designs

My many sewn DS garments, 50% off until 7/9/2021

Jenny dress

The Jenny dress shown above is a re-visited design to add cup sizing. Cup sizing makes a big difference in woven fabric, makes fitting much easier. For my Jenny dress I chose the classic style, there is also a tie-front overlay version. I am very happy with my version which can be used as a Summer dress, going out dress, or for any occasion. As for any custom sewn garment, sewing a muslin is a must to obtain your correct sizing.

Pippa dress and top

The Pippa is another design that is a re-make to add cup sizing. It has been very hot where I live and all I can think about are Summer clothing. I chose to make my Pippa using the top version and sewn in a Challis fabric. Many years ago I had a red chiffon top just like this one and I grew out of it, lol. I was happy to see that I could re-create my old top using the Pippa top version. I do plan on making more out of challis fabric.

Other designs to consider for the current 50% of sale, which isn't often that DS sales come along. aff link

Shown below are many of my favorites.

The Azure swimsuit.

I don't often wear swimsuits because often they don't fit right and I am fidgeting with them. With the Azure swimsuit I have felt so secure and comfortable wearing it. I have made two.

The Ariana dress

I planned ahead for my Christmas dress with the Ariana.

The Lana dress

Another special occasion dress, the Lana dress makes for any occasion dress.

The Brenda dress in black

I have been wanting a black special occasion dress. The Brenda dress was the perfect black dress for me. I added a lace insert for the bottom of my sleeves.

The Stacey knit dress

I love the fit and comfort of wear the Stacey dress. I have worn this dress a few times, just to wear, no special occasion.

The Donelle Dress and Top

My version of the Donelle, I made the top version to use when I go out salsa dancing, I just love this style for a night out dancing.

The Saki skirt

Another favorite of mine is the Saki skirt, made here in Double Brush Poly. I love this skirt for any occasion, especially dancing.

The Ashley Cami slip

I just love wearing this as a nightgown, but it can be made for a Summer dress or top. I paired my Ashley with the Marieke Robe, which can also be an any occasion robe.

The Indu Wrap pants 

The Indu
 wrap pants have been so comfortable to wear, I never get tired of them.

My all time favorite, the Synthia top, not because it has my namesake, but because it is a classic top.

The Synthia top has a soft look, comfortable to wear, and can be styled many different ways, as I have shown here two ways.

 My very first Designer Stitch make/test is the
Willow Wrap. 

I have so many. many favorite DS designs. But my very first DS make/test, is the Willow Wrap. I had so much fun being creative with this. I used 2 different silk Saris to make this wrap, and I made my own fringe.

Designer Stitch Designs has so many classic styles to choose from and for any occasion. Take advantage of this rare 50% off sale until 7/9/2021. 

Click on af aff link for more styles and information