Sunday, September 24, 2023

Tali top, a Designer Stitch design

 Tali Blouse

          a Designer Stitch design

Tali is a unique design with a front twist, I love it.

I sewed up my Tali top, shown above, in a satin fabric, and the color chosen, I love. I also paired the Tali top with a Saki skirt (not in production). I feel the outfit can be used for either going out or casual. The fabrics used can be from a wide variety of light to medium weight woven fabric. I love the front twist design, it is unique. There are no buttons to sew, and you still have a front opening at the lower blouse. I also made the elbow sleeve version.

I first started with a size 6d graded down to 5 at the hips. The size I chose to use was a tad bit big so I went down to 5c and graded down to 4 at hips, a much better fit. Sewing a muslin first, makes such a big difference on how your fit will turn out, with and if adjustments are needed. I am looking forward to sewing up a boho style Tali with a looser and longer fit, using more of a rayon challis fabric.

Satin fabric is a bit difficult to sew with, especially because it does fray a bit. I usually use a cigarette lighter to burn the seam edges as I sew along, (my serger is on strike right now, lol) 

If you do give Tali a try, it's wells worth it, take your time, sew up a muslin first, and make adjustments as needed.

For more information on the Tali top, click on the aff link, (which helps with fabric) come see all the testers versions, they all look great.

Monday, April 10, 2023

New Release: The Beth dress by DS.

 Beth Dress

a pdf design by Designer Stitch

When I saw the Beth dress was up for testing, I knew I had to test and what print I would sew this dress in. I was going for a country style with the prints I picked.

The Beth dress comes in different versions and lengths for the sleeves and the hem length. Shown here is the elbow sleeve length, with the midi length. I love the shirring on the sleeves, and the side skirt split. 

Both my dresses are made from cotton fabric. Because I have a bad right hand, I did use a right side zipper instalment, making it easier for me to zip the dress up and down.

Tip: do take current measurements and follow the instructions on your correct size, you might need to grade down or up on the pattern. Sew up a muslin first using the same type of fabric listed in instructions. By making a muslin, you are able to adjust for correct fit. It took me a couple of tries ripping out my muslin before I was happy with the fit.

Click on the DS link for the pattern and to see other testers makes. Thank you Ann for another great design.