Saturday, April 27, 2019

Taylor dress, a Designer Stitch design.

Taylor dress,
 a Designer Stitch Design

The newly released Taylor dress has been one of my favorite makes for a Designer Stitch dress. I love the peek hole, the 3/4" sleeves with the ruffle, and the length I made. Once you have made your muslin for proper fit, you will find the Taylor dress is a fast sew. An all black is next in line for me.

I made my Taylor out of a light weight scuba knit fabric. I was looking for a dress with red and black colors combined. This makes a fun dress to wear out at any occasion, especially for dancing salsa, which I love.

You can find more information on the Taylor dress here, click on the aff link.

Great design Ann Grose, 
from Designer Stitch.

Friday, April 26, 2019

Seamingly Smitten Dolman Sweater

Dolman Sweater
with sweater knit fabric

Years ago when I first began sewing with sweater knit fabric, I was looking through pdf patterns. I discovered the Etsy shop and found the women's Dolman Sweater top, by Seamingly Smitten.

I sewed up the Asymmetrical collar version, love this version. I did need to adjust the pattern and grade down. It was my first time sewing with sweater knit fabric, and my fabric was a stretchier fabric than I was used to sewing. Sweater knit fabrics can be a bit tricky to sew with.

I styled my Dolman Sweater by layering it with a turtleneck top underneath, a skirt, and boots, I just love boots. 

Since sewing the Seamingly Smitten Dolman Sweater years ago, I have learned a lot more about sweater knit fabrics and have sewn many more sweaters successfully.

About sweater knit fabrics. If you would like to learn more about sweater knit fabric and to help you pic the right fabric for the right sweater, without posting anyone's advertisement, because there were lots on the internet on sweater knit fabric, I found this one article on sweater knit fabric to be very helpful. 

Thank you for reading this brief blog on my first garment sewn with sweater knit fabric

This blog does contains aff link to Seamingly Smitten.

Friday, April 19, 2019

Bags, Bags, Me Made Bags.

The Art Of Bag Making
This blog post will be dedicated to making bags, and I have made quite a few in the last 5 years.

Goddess of the Sea Bag, a newly released
(pdf) by Needle
 and Anchor Supply Co.
Link to bag,

I had never made a bag or purse prior to 5 years ago, when I first began testing bags for Designers.

My most recent bag I created, was the "Goddess of the Sea Shoulder bag". When I first saw the prototype, I knew I wanted to sew this bag up. It was the right size, had a wide opening, and I really liked the uniqueness of the side gusset zippered pockets. Not to mention the unique strap and how it was designed, with metal rings and rivets.

I made my Goddess of the Sea Bag, using a decor tapestry/chenille fabric. I have always wanted a bag made with this type of fabric, giving it a vintage look, and this was the perfect bag for my hoarded fabric. I found this fabric while visiting my son in Arizona. 

I am not going to say this bag is a fast sew, it is not. Time is needed to find the right fabrics, hardware, printing the pattern, and cutting your fabrics out. Following the instructions step by step is a must with this bag, no skipping steps. The end result, was well worth the time and effort I put into it. I added an inside zippered pocket, (not in the instructions) to my bag, as well as the included instructions for the double slip pockets, and the side-zippered-gusset-pockets.

Slip pockets

Additional zippered pocket

Above, view of side gusset zippered pocket, unzipped.

Below, view of side zippered gusset pocket, zipped up.

Love this bag, I plan on making more, once I find the right fabric. Thank you Carissa for an awesome design.