Saturday, June 22, 2019

Callie Pinafore Road Test

Callie Pinafore Dress a
Designer Stitch Design
(an ageless dress)

One of the joys of testing for designers, you have the opportunity to think outside the box and challenge yourself to sew something you wouldn't normally ever wear. Callie is a design for all ages and for various woven fabrics.

I had the opportunity to sew up the Callie Pinafore Dress, I didn't think I would be into wearing a pinafore dress, but I love the style and the fit of the Callie. The Callie to me is a more modern version of the old pinafore dress, with many versions to choose from. I choose the racer back for a more modern and edgy look.

I made my Callie out of a light weight woven denim fabric. I used bronze connectors for the straps as well as bronze rivets, and sewed a slight contrast top stitching. I needed to sew up a muslin first to get the proper fit, glad I did. I am very happy with the final result and I already wore it out, I was even asked where did I buy my Pinafore dress. My friend was impressed with the Callie's fit and design.

As usual, Ann Grose from Designer Stitch,"knows best", when it comes to knowing what looks great. Thanks Ann

For more information, click on the aff link.

A little more about why I chose to join the Callie Road Test. (My own insert from the Designer Stitch site)

"My name is Synthia, I enjoyed sewing up the Callie Pinafore dress because I have never worn a dress like this. The beauty of testing, gets one to step outside the box. I sewed up the racer back Callie with back pockets and one bodice pocket. I chose the racer back for a more modern/edgy look. I decided to use a light weight denim fabric, I used bronzed colored rivets, and connectors for the straps. The Callie is not a fast sew, you must sew a muslin first, a must. Also, sew your top stitching very slow, it won't be perfect, but one must strive for it for a nice finished look, and iron...iron...iron, as you go, to avoid a home made look. I wore my Callie out and was asked where did I purchase it, my friend really liked the final look and fit. Thanks Ann Grose".

Synthia L Gerritson

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  1. You have made such a beautiful and professional version of the Callie Pinafore Dress. Your talent and skill is far beyond what most can hope for. Well done and love reading your blog posts. xx